Working Tongue

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Working Tongue

I am twenty four years old, average build, but have one incredible feature I was born with, I have a tongue like a cat, rough and I have been capitalizing on my gift for the last two years. I am now a lesbian whore, women go nuts to feel my tongue on their pussy and will pay handsomely for the service. I really found out about my tongue when I was fifteen, at a where we were playing truth or dare and I took a dare to kiss one of the girls there. I put my tongue in her mouth, as a playful gesture and when I did, she made a funny noise and wrapped her arms around me. After the party was over, the girl I kissed, Angie, came over to me and asked if she could walk with me on the way home. She was pretty popular, an "A" student and I was pleased she wanted to walk with me, so I quickly said yes. We had to walk through a small park on the way and when we about in the middle of the park, Angie pulled me behind a bush and begged me to kiss her again. I was a bit shocked, but she was pulling at me, begging me to let her taste my tongue again and that coupled with the look on her face, I agreed. I told her she could never tell anybody, she agreed, so I kissed her, putting my tongue in her mouth. She moaned a very sexual moan, squeezed me tight with her arms and kissed me back. When I took my tongue out of her mouth, she was panting, while asking me if I knew how sexy my tongue was and up to then, I pretty much thought just about everybody had a tongue like mine.

Angie put her tongue in my mouth so I could see the difference and to say I was surprised, is an under statement. Then she really surprised me, she told me she would do anything, anything I wanted, if I would lick her pussy with my tongue. Alarm bells went off in my head, I thought to myself, is she kidding, she'll do anything I want, just to have me lick her pussy, so after thinking about it for a few seconds, I gave her my answer. I told her that she would have to do my homework for the next week and she would have to too. She got right on her knees, reached under my skirt, pulled my panties, down and off me, then lifted my skirt and proceeded to lick my cunt. I was a little startled at first, but it only took a second for the pleasure of her tongue to hit me. I spread my legs as wide as I possibly could and let her have complete access to my now burning cunt. She licked my pussy, kissed it and put her tongue in my ,before she clamped her lips on my clit and brought me to the of my young life. For the in my life, I was in a, I guess you could call it, an animal state, as all of my being was concentrated in my raging pussy and the world could have blown up and I wouldn't have know it. It hit me so hard, I had to sit down, as my knees buckled on me, God this little honor roll student could really eat pussy. She had jeans on, stripped them and her panties off, stood over me so her pussy was at my mouth and told me to eat her like she ate me.

I started by licking her cunt lips and she went kind of nuts, moaning, "Holy fuck baby, that's fucking incredible, lick me baby, lick my pussy baby, lick me" and when my tongue touched her clit, she shot cunt juice all over my face, while making funny little noises. I didn't find the taste of her pussy juice unpleasant, so I put my tongue in her cunt hole, like she did mine. She put her hand in her mouth to keep from screaming as she filled my mouth with her and went down on her bare ass. I don't know why, but I kept my tongue in her cunt and continued to lap her pretty pussy, making her ass bounce up and down as she came again for me. Now here we were, laying on the ground, Angie naked from the waist down, my panties on the ground somewhere, Angie pulled me into her arms and kissed me like we were lovers. When she stooped kissing me, she told me that I was the lapper in the whole fucking world and she wouldn't be able to live without me. We both knew we couldn't go around as girlfriend and girlfriend, but Angie had a plan, I could sleep over at her house on Friday and sometimes Saturday nights and I asked her what I got out of this arrangement. She said name your price, now I wasn't a big fan of school, so I told her she had to do all my home work, she had to eat my pussy too, not knowing that her favorite Aunt had already made her eat pussy and she liked it and since her family had a lot more money then mine, she would buy me stuff. She couldn't agree fast enough, kissed me to seal the deal and told me that when I came to her house, I didn't need to bother bringing pajamas. Since this was a Friday night, she asked if I thought my mom would let me stay over, there were six other kids in my house, beside me and I said it wouldn't be a problem. 

She put my panties in her purse and every chance she got on the way to my house, then her house, she had her hand on my pussy or ass and was telling me she couldn't wait to get me naked. I told her that tomorrow she had to buy me new panties with my name on them and she said she would buy me a dozen as long as my I tongue fucked her hot little pussy. Her acknowledged me, saying it was nice Angie had a friend to sleep over and we disappeared into her room at the end of the hall. We stripped naked, I got into bed, Angie laid on top of me like she was my boyfriend and kissed me like she was my boyfriend. She was panting in no time, she told me that she was going to take such good care of me and treat me right and I knew in this relationship, she was going to be the boy. She was rubbing her body against mine, feeling me up like a boy would, making my pussy scalding hot and when she told me she was going to make me , I almost came right then. She did take real good care of me, she bought me panties, make up, bras, stockings and every now and then, a dress or skirt and blouse or jeans. We kept the relationship up all through high school, dating boys on Friday or Saturday, driving them with lust, then going to Angie's bed and fucking our brains out. I was now spending every weekend in her bed and for me, it was great. I never did any school work, Angie did it all and of course I didn't learn jack shit, which came to haunt me a while after graduating.

Angie's parents sent her to a big time college, where she met a guest speaker in her sophomore year, he was twenty plus years older then her and he wanted a trophy wife and he got one in Angie, she was built like the proverbial brick shit house, with natural blond hair and blue eyes and I lost contact with her. As for me, I was going from one shit job to another, couldn't make up my mind if I wanted to be with a cunt or prick and was getting deeper in debt. I hit twenty two, lost another job, owed money to everybody it seemed and was beyond broke, I needed to have my car repaired, but there was no way that was happening. I was laying in bed in my soon to be ex apartment and it hit me, maybe if I got in touch with Angie, her husband could get me a job, I knew he was some kind of hot shot executive, so I called her mother and got her number. I called, she lived about forty miles away and when the maid told her who it was, I could hear her yell at the maid to give her the fucking phone. She xnxxv sunny leone video got on the phone and the first words out of her mouth were, "Oh baby, I need you so baby, so bad, I've been thinking about you every day baby and I need you baby, I need you. I've got my finger in my pussy now thinking about you, come to me baby, come to me." I told her there was a small problem and before I could say anything else, she broke in telling me that she would give real forced anal against her will me a hundred dollars if she could see me, I mused, "A hundred" and she came back with, "Okay, one fifty, baby." I muttered again, "One fifty," she came back with, "Two hundred, that's all I got baby, please baby, please, I need your tongue, baby, please."

I jumped at the two hundred, told her to come pick me up, about fifty minutes later, I was sitting in her car, with her hand up my skirt and her lips fastened to mine. We went to a motel, I had never seen her pussy so wet, it was dripping, I licked her cunt lips from top to bottom and she kind of exploded. She yelled out, "Oh baby, that's so fucking good baby, so fucking good, I've missed you so much baby, make me cum baby,make me fucking cum in your beautiful fucking mouth baby" and she shot more cum out of her pussy then I ever remembered her doing before, She was laying there, begging for more, like a sex crazed little whore and I did have pity, I made her cum eight times for me. After I finished with her pussy, I sat on her face and made her make me pour my cunt cream down her throat. She was even better then I remembered, I always thanked her aunt for that ability, her aunt turned her on to pussy when she was fourteen and she was eating her aunt's pussy, up until she got married. We lay there, holding each other, both our faces covered in pussy juice and Angie told me her tale of woe. Her husband never fucked her, he had found out about her aunt and forbid her to see the aunt and he held this little fact over her head like a sledge hammer, he didn't want to fuck her, but he didn't want her to fuck anyone else either and lucky for her, he didn't know about us. Angie begged me to see her at least once a week, she would pay me if I needed the money, so I told her my story.

We spent most of the day in bed, she took me home, with my promise that I will see her every week and she got my phone number. The next morning, as I was dressing to go job hunting, the phone rang and it was Angie, telling me that she might have a cure for my problem. I was all ears, she said that she had called a friend of hers in pretty much the same position as she was in, told her friend about my tongue and that I would use it on the friend for the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars. I asked her if she was kidding, she laughed, said, "No, she wasn't fucking kidding and to get my self made up as the friend was on her way to pick me up." The friend arrived, she was a woman in her fifties, but well persevered, looked me up and down, told me she liked really short skirts and to get in. I got in, told her I would remember the short skirt, she put her hand up my skirt, told me, never wear underwear and took me to a motel. She made me do a strip tease for her, sucked on my tits for a few minutes, got on her knees and gave my pussy a real good tongue lashing and the bitch made me cum like a faucet. When she finished with me, she pulled her dress up, laid on the bed and said, "Come and get it cunt, show me what that tongue can do bitch" and I got between her legs. When I ran my tongue over the inside of her cunt lips, she yelled, "Holy , that fucking tongue is a fucking lethal fucking weapon, eat my cunt, whore" and she moaned as loud as she could after that, while I made her cum four times. We both lay there for a few minutes, she told me she had to leave and that she would pick me up at the same time, next week and me being a tad curious, wanted to see how far I could push this relationship. 

I told her that if she wanted to see me next week, she couldn't leave me like this and she had to eat my pussy or I was a no show. She didn't even hesitate, she got between my legs, put her tongue in my hot little cunt and made me scream with pleasure as I filled her mouth with hot cum. I'm laying in a motel room, naked, now had four hundred and fifty dollars and all I did was eat some pussy, so I wondered how could I expand my cunt lapping base beyond the two cunts I was now going to do every week. I took a cab home, showered, the phone rang and a sexy voice told me that she got my number from a friend that I had just serviced and wanted to know if I was available. I coughed, she took it as a no I guess, because she offered me three hundred if I would see her right away. I had to restrain myself from yelling, "Fuck yes", agreed to be ready and couldn't believe my luck. This one showed up, she was late twenties, playboy material, told me she wanted to feel my tongue in her mouth and when I kissed her, she told me she came a little. She was hot, fucking hot and I would have done her for free, but of course I didn't tell her that, we went to a motel and she made me strip for her too. I also had to undress her, a loving chore, I had never even seen a woman in real life built like her and I was going to take advantage of my good luck. I licked her whole body, from head to toe and when I got to her pussy, she erupted like a volcano, she really turned me on, I don't think I was as ever that hot as I was with her in my life. I lapped up her cum like it was holy water and I did something I had never done before, I put my tongue in her asshole. We got to the motel around eleven in the morning and we fucked until seven that night, I was really hot for this lady. When we were leaving, I asked why a motel and she told me it was what the motel, represented, a place to fuck like the men, it was clandestine and a little bit sordid, but after today, she would fuck me anywhere I wanted.

We were in the car by then and I told her I was looking for a new upscale apartment and when I found it, we could fuck there. That excited her, she grabbed my pussy and told me that she and her husband owned a few apartment buildings and she would take care of it for me, all I would have to do was fuck her once a week, so I made the supreme sacrifice and agreed. What a two days this had become, I now had seven hundred and fifty bucks, I was also going to get an upscale apartment and all I had to do was eat a total cunts pussy for it once a week and she said she would see about hooking me up with some of her friends, life had started to get real good. It's now two years later, my little enterprise has expanded to at least two cunt suckings a day, overnight stays at a thousand a night, I do at least four a week, I have a maid and chauffeur, both female and my little playboy fuck bunny stays over one night a week. She also has taken me to Italy for a month, we fucked on every beach in Italy I think, plus some other spots, I do my friend Angie once a week for free, after all, she got me started and right now, I am packing an overnight bag for a three week trip to France that two nice ladies are taking me on. One of them owns an estate in the south of France and I am packing light because I know I won't be wearing any clothes for three weeks. I owe my unique tongue everything, ladies hot pussies can't get enough of it.