Wife Secrets Part 2 Filipina story

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Wife Secrets Part 2 Filipina story

My nipples were hard that night and I was so in the mood for sex but my husband Patrick couldn't get over what had happened with me and our export partner Ramon who is well reputed as a womanizer. He couldn't blame me because we both agreed that I would grant Ramon sexual favors in exchange for getting awarded the contract to supply a major retailer in Hongkong.

I look at myself in the mirror. I am a 26 yrs old wife with a healthy /gorgeous/">gorgeous body, bright complexion Filipina of Spanish descent with firm tits and nice curves, my lips are thin and red and my nipples are sharp and pinkish. My abs are great and doesn't show any trace that I am a mother of a 3 yrs old girl. Yet I've been untouched for the past few months.

It was around 9 in the evening and my /daughter/">daughter and her nanny were asleep. Patrick don't even want to sleep in our bed anymore and he stayed in the couch watching tv till he fall asleep. I was feeling lonely and horny being ignored by my husband. It's better that way than when he speaks and we talked again about Ramon and he the wwwxxx would repeat the same questions, did I enjoy it, what position, did I give him /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex which I did not etc..

This past few months I've been lonely and I started reading sex magazines and even watch some x rated movies that I secretly stole from Patrick's cabinet. But the idea of touching myself feels disgusting to me. I got interested in how to pleasure a man with oral sex and I even tried sucking a banana, I wondered if my husband would have like a blow job since I haven't done any to him.

Patrick was asleep on the couch and just for no reason and maybe just for being bored and lonely I went down to our warehouse since we live in the upper part of this same building that we customize to be our living quarter. Our warehouse helpers have gone home except for the 3 stay ins Ariel who is 20, Vic 18 and our most recent hire Renato who was only 14. They are all uneducated province boys who escaped extreme hunger and poverty and were so happy to find this job which was hard and under compensated, but that's the way it is here in the Philippines and that's how our business stays afloat. I felt a little guilt and would have wanted to give them a little more compensation. It is partly for these workers that I agreed to use my body to give sexual favors to our exporter in order to save this struggling native product business.

I was quite aware that these boys were looking lustfully at me. I usually wear a blouse and blue jeans while working in my office at the corner of the warehouse and occasionally I caught them taking a glimpse at my butt or sometimes when my upper button in my chest is undone they take a glimpse at my cleavage. Tonight I was wearing a shirt and a very short shorts. It was a Saturday night and the next day a Sunday our warehouse is closed and that's their only day off. I knew the 3 boys as usual on Saturdays were on a night out and come home at past midnight. I was just casually checking on the stocks when the door opened and Renato came in. It was only around 10:00. I asked where's the other 2 and he first hesitated then he told me that the 2 had taken their girl friends who are also house maids on day off to a free disco on the street. He feels out of place and got jealous that he had no girlfriend of his own.

Don't be sad Renato I can pretend to be your girlfriend and we can dance here, I said half jokingly. I was lonely and bored too so for real I turned on the little cassette and the music was quite old disco but I started dancing. Renato was standing just looking at me so I grabbed his hands and he started dancing too. We enjoyed the music and the rhythm and and after some minutes it got warm. Renato took off his shirt and I just noticed he had some muscles though he is only 18 years old, he was skinny but lean and strong as a result of hard work since he was 6. He stands up to my chin and his face is just the average poor uneducated province boy, but tonight I was just so lonely and horny that he seems to aroused me. It was a hot summer night and I also felt warm. You don't mind if I take off my shirt too, do you? I asked Renato. His eyes widened and he didn't say anything. So I took off my shirt. I was dancing there in my bra and shorts while Renato was also half naked with only his jeans.

I was uncertain what I was doing. He was clearly aroused sexually and I can see the bulge in his crotch almost forcing to open the zippers in his jeans. I pretended not to notice and we continued dancing while he was visibly struggling in his dance with his /erection/">erection restricting his movement at some point making him look a little funny. So I stopped the music and told him we take a rest and we both sat down on the bench. I thought to myself my husband was not paying attention to my sexual needs being consumed by anger of my former affair and here I am in my bra and shorts sitting beside a half naked 18 years old boy who is having a huge erection just looking at my body. We chatted for a while about how he missed his family and how he struggled with his work at the warehouse and I learned he is a virgin and never seen a woman in a bra before. I also told him about my trouble with his boss who is my husband who had become so distant and not caring about me. I got so carried out and I proceeded telling him that Patrick don't even sleep in our bedroom anymore. He seems to be more aroused and he was swallowing and at times seems to be choking.

I suggested we got back to dancing again but since it was a so warm we will try a slower music. I went over the tapes but there were no others except a very old slow Frank Sinatra that belongs to Patrick's Dad from whom we inherit this business. I thought that would do so I played it and at first Renato and I just dance apart in slow motion which looks funny and we were having fun. Come over here Renato and put your arms around my waist and we could dance this music properly, I told him. At that point I was still unsure what I was doing. Renato obliged and I had my hands around his head because he is shorter than me and his hand around my back just half an inch below the hook of my bra. At first he was a little nervous and his hands felt cold but as we danced he got a little bit at ease. It went on like that for a while as we were quietly dancing without talking to each other. I moved closer and closer to him and I can feel the very huge bulge in his pants. He started running his hands up and down my back as if he is feeling the soft skin on my back. I was getting hornier and hornier too.

I started to loose my senses and I pulled his head to my neck. I whispered to him, unhook my bra please. He was slow to react as if unbelieving of what he heard but eventually he complied and I felt his hands slowly unhooking my bra. I slid down the straps from my shoulder until my left nipple was exposed. He was staring wide at my nipple but he was too shy to touch it. I waited but he was too shy to move so I ask him if he would like to suck my nipple. He then slowly raise his hands and began fondling my nipple. His hands were shaking and his knees were trembling. Then all hell broke lose with him and he began sucking my nipples and fondling the other with his hands doing it alternately to both my tits almost tearing my bra as he pulled them down to my waist. While this is happening I was getting hornier but at the same time he looks funny too. He was like a baby sucking my breasts while I comb his hair with my fingers. I let him have it and gave him all his time since it is his /first-time/">first time to touch a woman. He was really enjoying my tits as if he is a hungry lion devouring on a meat after months of hunger. He didn't know anything about sex and he was sucking my nipples and squeezing my tits for the longest time and he never stopped though I gave him a lot of time already. I was very horny but my /nipples/tits-nipples/nipples-and-tits/">nipples and tits started to get sore with all his sucking and pinching and squeezing and fondling. So finally I interrupted him. I whispered into his ears, come let's go to your bed.

He took his mouth off my breast and I held his hand as we walk towards the other corner of the warehouse where the boys have their beds. His bed was quiet small and very low. I sat down on it and I told him to stand in front of me. I have never done a blow job before and I was curious to see how I perform. I unzipped his pants and his dick sprang out of his worn out briefs I couldn't help giving a little laughter. I pulled down his pants and brief and I started touching his very erect dick. The expression on his face was indescribable. I felt clumsy but I was determined to try doing a blow job so I shove his very young cock into my mouth. After less than 5 seconds of sucking his dick he convulsed and his muscles tightened on his neck. For a second I was /scared/">scared he would explode like a grenade, but then he shoots his load, I immediately pulled his dick out and he shoots the remaining cum on my face and tits. I was disappointed that he cum that early. But his dick was still very stiff so I wiped it with his brief and I took off my pants and my panties and my torn bra that was hanging in my waist, and I lay down on his bed. I told him to come on top of me, he was so awkward that I guided him to the right position for a /missionary/missionary-sex/">missionary sex.

He was on top of me and I initiated french kissing with him. He kissed and lick my neck and my chest and he started sucking my nipples again. I told him it's enough and I put his fingers on /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy. He was curiously feeling my clits while I started to moan. I was getting to my own climax. He keep on asking what's next. He don't know what to do. I guided his cock to my pussy and I felt the warmth as he inserted it. His eyes widened and I moved his hips in and out of me until he got the idea and he just started pumping me so hard. I could here the sound of our body slamming each other as he pounded me with all his might. I told him this time to try to hold as long as he can, but still he cum too early. He is very young and aggressive and full of energy. Just after he shoots his load for the second time spraying it in my abdomen, he inserted his still very stiff dick again. I told him to wait for me. This time he did a little better and I got to a climatic high and my body arched and my breathing almost stopped, I lost my voice and I shivered. For several months I haven't have this feeling and here is this 18 years old boy penetrating me so deeply like no one else not even my husband has done before. He shoots his load again in my thighs. He repeated it 5 more times and his dick was still stiff. I wanted to let him give all he can give till he says no more but his sexual lust for me has no end and I was already feeling sore so I told him that we stop already after he shoot his 6th load again on my abdomen. He collapse on top of me after his last load and we stayed like that for a few minutes.

We didn't even noticed it was almost 1:00 a.m. and while lying naked in bed we wwwxxx heard somebody unlocking the door. The other 2 boys had returned. We hurriedly stood up and I put on my panties and my shorts and my bra while Renato put on his briefs but his pants. We then realized that our shirts were on the other corner where we were dancing. When the door opened we just pretended like nothing happened. I pretended to give orders to Renato to clean up the shoe rocks near their bed. I keep on saying that it was hot so they get the idea that it was the reason we took off our shirts. I was hoping they wouldn't notice Renato's cum on my chest and abs and face that I hurriedly wiped off with my hands. The 2 boys agreed that it was hot and they too took off their shirts. I was standing their in my bra and panties with 3 shirtless boys. We chatted briefly and I went to get my shirt and climbed upstairs giving a wink at Renato.

Continued on part 3.