The best of friends part 1

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The best of friends part 1

Hi im christina im 6 feet hazel eyes latina /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits and now am 21. This all started when i moved to a new street a long time ago, When i moved with my older stepbrother and sister , he made a friend named Michael,  a little black kid who was funny, /cute/">cute, and we became good friends when we were indian santali xvideo little. He always use to come over when we were little and we would always play tag or hide and seek, we were always together. But in the 8th grade he dated my stepsister, they really liked each other, but my step siblings left to go move with there biological mother, before they left, Michael had /sister/sister-sex/sex-with-my-sister/">sex with my sister, I remember her saying how much she loved his dick.

After they left Michael stopped coming around,  Not until high school me and Michael started talking again, That was because we had some classes together, We kinda bonded again and thats when i noticed how handsome he was, He was tall perfect skin, (for a black person) muscular and he had a perfect face. Now when i was growing up i became slutty and loved cocks i would masturbate a lot and think of Michael and that fucking /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock girls talked about a lot, I thought of all the times he called be /gorgeous/">gorgeous and beautiful, even though i would act like it was disturbing for my best freind to say stuff like that, i imagined it when he wrapped his arms around me, or when i would sit on his lap and felt that dick on my ass.

But at the end of that day i only thought of it lust and that was it. After our /graduation/">graduation i was getting fucked and was liking it alot, "Ooh your so fucking tight Ugh" he told me, "Fuck me with that /fucking/big-fuck/big-fucking-cock/">big fucking cock!!!"it wasnt really big but it felt like the rite thing to say, "Holy shit hes putting in work haha", Michael was rite there watching and laughing, "Fuck Ohh!" i said while my fucker came in me with his condome on, "What the fuck are you doing here"I said to Michael. "You wanted me to come here and give you a ride so shut the fuck up and put your clothes on cause i want to go" Michael said to me as my little friend was putting on his pants laughing and smiling. "Did you here me? come on and lets go" Michael said in a tone i really didnt like. I put my skirt on and followed Michael to the car. We had a huge argument in the car. "You didnt have to talk to me like im your /bitch/">bitch ok"i told to Michael" Next time dont keep me waiting next time alright" Michael said like he was my big brother or something. "your so embarrassing i sware". i told him, "You were probably jealous of him, you brobraly wish you were fucking this pussy huh"? i asked him he laughed and said my dick is to much for that pussy.

He stopped in front of my house, and before i got out of his car and before i got out of the car and i got a glance at his croth and i could tell it was big just bye looking. After that cause Michael and i went to two separate collages. We didnt talk for about a year until my stepbrothers 21st birthday, we were all invited to my old childhood house. Everyone that i know and use to know was there but who really caught my eye was Michael, he changed so much, he was turning me on so much, "how have you been christina"? Michael said in his deep sexy voice, "Good i told him with a big smile. "Give me a hug" i said to him.

He rapped his arms around me and did the same to him and squeezed. After we hugged we did our own thing for a while until one of my friends brought up high school and how cute a couple me and michael made, (even thought we were never a couple) then graduation popped up in the conversation and that made me remember that day in the car, i went up stares and went to the /master/">master bedroom. Tears fell from my eyes remembering all the shit i did and said. I guess i forgot the lock the door cause Michael was standing there looking at me, "Whats wrong"? he said as he was locking the door behind him. "Im sorry for how i treated you that day" i told him crying. "sorry for what"? he asked, "sorry for how i acted to you. He looked in my eyes and he leaned in and kissed me passionately, i put my tongue in his mouth and he started to grab my breasts. I felt his chest and abs and unbuttoned his shirt.

This was alain lyle porn happening to fast but i loved it, i loved him and i didnt care cause i know i wanted him and he wanted me. He took my shirt of and started playing with my nipples with his tongue. He put his hand on my vaginal area, he unzipped my pants and shoved his fingers in my clit. "Mmm let me see that /cock/fucking-cock/">fucking cock. He kept his fingers in me making me moan. I felt the bulge in his pants and it was huge. I unzipped his pants andt there it was.