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Here is a lady who has no money.
But wants to get laid and has no man.
Can't afford a toy. So she goes into 
the kitchen looks around what can she use 
cause she needs something long and thick
Her hand only teases her even drives her mad.

So here she has a long carrot on the table. 
Along with frozen sausage and cucumber.
She looks at them all wishing a man would appear at 
the door, so she would not have to cum to this 
And play with her food.

She grabs the frozen long thick sausage and goes into 
the living room and takes of her clothes and puts on her music.
She starts to twist her nipples making them hurt the way a man would. She even has a cup full of ice cubes.

She reaches in the cup and pulls out one ice cube and 
rubs her clit and pussy then sticks it in her pussy as 
far as she can. As she twists her nipples and the long
thick sausage goes in her pussy pushing in and out 
Like a /dick/thick-dick/">thick dick. She stops twisting her nipples and 
Plays with her clit. She feels the ice water exit her and 
she wants so /bad/">bad to cum but can't get the spot with the sausage
That was frozen but now is thawed and not as stiff as it was.

So she goes to the kitchen with the sausage still in her pussy as she walks.
And grabs the cucumber and carrot and goes back to her couch takes out the sausage and lays it on the table next to her.

Takes another ice cube and puts it on her breasts and plays until they go numb.
Takes another ice cube and puts it in her pussy again then she uses the carrot.
she can feel the ice water cumin out of her as she fucks her self /hard/real-hard/">real hard 
with the carrot and then puts an ice cube in her ass and the sausage
went in her ass she holds the carrot still and starts /ass/ass-fucking/fucking-her-ass/">fucking her ass 
with the sausage she starts to moan wishing she could push both 
at the same time, but can't so she keeps pumping the sausage in her ass
She's moaning even more and then all you see is shit cumin out her ass.

She gets up and gets a towel and cleans up the couch and
puts another towel on the chair. she cleaned the sausage off. 
So she could put it back in her ass.
She put one ice cube up her ass and then the sausage again
she slowly pushes the sausage in and out of her ass
She moans louder and louder and then stop with it in her ass.

She takes two ice cube and sticks them up her pussy making her cold and numb.
Then the cucumber goes in her pussy slow at first then she starts going faster,Faster and faster she screams real loud yes, oh, oh, yessss. she had an orgasm and her cum was squirting all over her hand.
She couldn't stop pushing cause it felt sooooo good and her legs started to tingle real bad. She stopped and started pushing the sausage in her full hd xvideo download ass, but that didn't last long cause she was just warn out. She lay on the couch feeling her cum pouring out on her hand.

She brings her hand to her mouth and licks the cum off her hand.
like as if a Dick had just squirted her hand.
Gets up and goes free porn movies download to take a shower and feels a lot better, but still feels a bithorny. So she goes back to the kitchen and grabs a beer bottle.

Goes in the bathroom and is chugging her beer. She takes the head of the shower off and only has the hose. She turns on the hot water and puts the hose in her pussy as she chugs all the beer. She looks at the bottle and sticks it in her ass as she tries to fuck the beer bottle and the hot water was making her scream it felt so good toher. she sat up to change the hot water to very cold water. and brings the hose to her clit .

She was holding the hose tight against her clit and was screaming for joy .
She could feel her body tingle her legs were in a trance she could not move but was having orgasms like never before, when she was done the bottle was all the way in her ass.

She grabbed it but it was stuck in her ass.
So she took the hose and tried to loosen her ass up with the cold water.So the bottle would cum out of her ass.
She pushed as she tried to grab the glass but it came out of her ass so fast it hit the tub with a shatter.
She got out of the tub holding her ass saying no more beer for you.